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Books, Wine & an Experience

Isabella Alexander

Forbidden Obsession

Fueled by my thirst to rain hell upon those who deserved my vengeance, I never expected to lose focus—even for a second. But as fate would have it, the moment I crossed paths with Penelope Cattaneo, A forbidden desire ignited inside me and never let go. 

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Forbidden Obsession

Duet Book One

Dominic Lucas:

Echos of my name were built on fear as an unquenchable thirst for vengeance guided my hand. I carved out my place in a world without mercy. Those who crossed my path begged for it, but I never gave it. My father said there’s no room for love in the dark, twisted corridors of my soul. Women were meant to be used for pleasure and never meet your acquaintance into the next day. He was right—until Penelope Cattaneo walked into my life. Her innocence should have repulsed me, clashed violently with the blood staining my hands. But instead, she became my singular obsession, a light I couldn’t extinguish even if it revealed the monstrous shadows I’d cast over my empire.

Penelope Catteneo:

They assumed I was just a girl, cocooned in my world of colors and dreams, untouched by the chilling reality of power and violence. But I’d seen things—heard things whispered in my parents’ home that stole the chill I should’ve felt when I ran into Dominic Lucas. He was my professor—a seemingly debonair man during the day, but after an encounter with him, I knew he was a nightmare dressed in Armani. Still, something ignited within me—an exhilarating fire dancing perilously close to alarm. He was a labyrinth with no exit. And yet, I wanted to lose myself in the enigma that was Dominic Lucas. And even as danger loomed like a promise, I couldn’t help but wonder: Could a monster ever love me, or would his passion consume us both?

Relentless Pursuit

Duet Book Two

Dominic Lucas:

I left her with no explanation, a calculated, cold dismissal meant to protect the one flicker of light in my world of shadows. My empire demanded brutality, a ceaseless cycle of violence and retribution. Yet every neck snapped in the night, and every deal struck in hushed tones became a haunting refrain whispering her name—Penelope. My self-imposed exile from her deepened the gnawing void within me until my peace hinged on stolen glances across crowded rooms and illicit moments tracking her from the periphery. She was my sanctuary, a dangerous paradox I could neither possess nor forget. I was on the edge of oblivion, and thoughts of her were the only tether to sanity I had left.

Penelope Cattaneo:

He banished me from his life like a phantom, staining the hopes and dreams I longed for with him. He thought his darkness could consume my light as if I were a moth carelessly spiraling into the flame. But what Dominic didn't understand was I already knew the contours of his shadow; I had touched it, tasted it, and still wanted more. He was my dark fairytale, the enigma that held me captive even as he pushed me away. I saw him sometimes, lurking at the edge of my world—close enough to haunt me, possessive enough to touch. My heart yearned for him even as it bled because the cruel irony was even in his absence, Dominic Lucas remained my only refuge in a world I wanted no part of without him.

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