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Hey You! I'm Isabella!

Hi. I’m Isabella Alexander, and I write dark mâfia romances. Occasionally, I might venture into other dark romance stories, but it’s these mafia men and women who truly captivate me at the moment.


A few things about me:  


I’m from the south. I love music - it gets me right in the mood.


I love the mysteries of space—I know like, huh? Yeah, you can find me watching any fiction or nonfiction TV show about space. I watched Interstellar for the first time recently, and it blew my mind and sent me down a rabbit hole.


I love food—I want to go on a food tour across the U.S. and abroad next year. There are so many different cultures and cuisines. I want to try sweet treats and meals. I plan to chronicle this on my non-existent YouTube channel. Lol. Coming at some point.


I love romance - Okay, because who doesn’t love romance?


The color red - hair, lipstick, glasses (frames), nails... just take one look at my social media feed, and you’ll go, ooooh. The color is my favorite.


A few things we might have in common are:

Loving hot, sexy, ruggish, protective 🍆 men.

Come on, am I right?


Speaking of sexy men, I invite you to explore my dark romance. I have a free prelude available for your reading pleasure, a glimpse into the seductive and thrilling journey you will find in my books. You can find it in the library on this website.




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What readers are saying

"Dominic and Penelope’s story has truly captivated me. I can’t wait to dive into the rest of their story to see what happens to them. Isabella Alexander’s incredible prose and striking writing style has brought their steamy love story to life. She had me head over heels from page one.”

- Faith Summers USA Today Bestselling Author


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